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Connie Jasinskas, M.Sc.

Yackuafitness 101

How to effectively tame distracting, unwanted aqua class chatter! Put the fitness back in aqua fitness.

Connie Jasinskas, M.Sc.

SAS: Self-Assisted Stretch • Self-AquaStretch

SAS is Self-Assisted Stretch based on AquaStretch techniques. This course teaches instructors, therapists, trainers, and interested individuals to use SAS to restore comfortable movement by resolving fascial adhesions, decreasing tension and pain.

Connie Jasinskas, M.Sc.

Cue for Two Depths

When aqua fitness instructors are able to cue to both deep and chest deep participants simultaneously, class sizes can be larger. Participant preferences are honoured. This win-win concept works for instructors, programmers, and participants!

Connie Jasinskas, M.Sc.

Success Tips for Aquatic Clients

Are you in pain? Just starting aquatic exercise or therapy? Offering information to your aquatic clients? This course contains: • How immersion affects the body • Best practices for aquatic exercise • Postural cues & reminders • Useful links